HK-90VHigh-speed, side-weld, automatic bag making machine


One-servo for film feed drive,
one-servo for hot knife vertical drive,
one-servo for catching drive

3servo system

Maximum bag making shot: 250 CPM

  • *Bag making capacity depends on film material and thickness.

Change bag size in no time at all

  • Special heat sealer prevents hot knife from warping.
  • Optimum stacker speed and unwind dancer roller speed set and adjust automatically.
  • Loss Prevention feature that automatically raises hot knife at the machine stop and lowers the knife back down at machine start, to prevent unnecessary heat damage to the film.

Product Features

The maximum cycle per minute described is verified under the certain conditions.
Actual production speed may vary depending upon materials and others.
Please consult with sales dept. for further information.

Pouch Making Sizes and Shapes

  • HK-90V

    Half fold fusion bag making

    W (Bag width) :80 mm to 500 mm
    L (Bag length) :300 mm to 900 mm

*Bag sizes referenced above utilize optional devices.

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